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Our drain and sewer cleaning service administers the use of a jetter, snake and camera in sewer line issues and when needed for a particularly difficult clogged drain. Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning technicians will restore flow to blocked sewer systems, relieve a slow or clogged drain and resolve septic tank issues. Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning service also performs video inspections. We also network with reputable Rhode Island and Massachusetts plumbers for repair services needed while handling your sanitary drainage issues. Our goal is to provide a better standard for drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, septic cleaning, and septic system repair service in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, especially in our local service area of Bellingham, Mendon, Franklin, and Foxboro. Our technicians utilize solid sewer and drain cleaning techniques. Having experienced various types of sewer and drain systems up and down the east coast, our crew has seen many of the sewer and drain systems in use. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, our drain cleaning technicians service large and small businesses as well as apartments and single family homes. We serve the entire area, but especially Bellingham, Franklin, and Mendon.


The Roll of the Sewer Vent

Sewer vents are a hit and miss problem among plumbers and drain cleaning services. For one, a pipe occluded with root intrusion or build up is a pipe with no vent line. This pipe may not be completely filled side-t0-side and top – to – bottom. However, the usual volume of water will fill the void and thus cut off the flow of air. So, even if the pipe occlusion is in the drain arm, the ventilation will be a problem. Therefore, the problem does not necessarily get solved through the roof vent. This is, of course due to the “drain arm” or the drain line being clogged (occluded, meaning, there is no vent line above the water).

Diagnosing a plumbing vent often involves additional steps, because, plumbing vents are located on the roof of a home or building, more often than not.

Animals, such as birds and squirrels will make their nest in a sewer vent, penetrating the roof. Sewer vents are appealing as shelter due to heat which will rise through the sewer vent and almost come forcefully as heat rises in a cold environment.

Covering roof vents only makes the roof vent more appealing to the animal, now, due to the fact it is now acting as a shelter with heat. So, what can we do? Do we roll the dice and accept the possibility of an animal finding its’ way to the roof vent, choking off air flow to the sewer with a nest?

Fortunately, plumbing technology has evolved with consideration to the world around us. Mechanical vents, such as “E-Cap” will cover the roof vent and double as a vent cover animals are unable to dwell in.

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