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The article and photos below discuss maintenance for a septic system. This post also records the progress of an aerobic bacterial generator for 30 days after the installation of an aerating device.

Prior to the installation of an aerating system, this septic tank had 3 inches of “scum” floating on the surface. (This ‘scum’ layer exist due to the poor digestive action of anaerobic bacteria. Exactly why we install aerobic bacterial generators) In order to lower the aerating stone to the bottom of the tank, a hole had to be cut in the scum layer. The tank was not pumped in 15 months and had undergone excessive use and abuse. If you look at the picture, you can see the turbulence created by the aerator pumping 3.5 cubic feet of air per minute. Among the turbulence, the scum can be seen. Look at the results, just 18 days after the aerator and aerobic bacteria were introduced.

No scum layer can be seen. The introduction and cultivation process of aerobic bacteria is proven. Aerobic bacteria completely digest organic solids, leaving only gas and water behind. Since the aerator is emitting 3.5 cubic feet per second of air inside the septic tank, positive pressure is built and the gases are forced out of the septic system, through the plumbing system’s ventilation piping.

What happens with anaerobic bacteria (which is found in traditional septic systems) is simply not enough bacterial activity to successfully maintain a septic system. This is why we must have our anaerobic septic tanks pumped every two to three years. Anaerobic systems will eventually fail, no matter how often you have it pumped due to a bi-product of anaerobic bacteria called bio mat.

Bio mat is a slime that will eventually completely close the porous soil, inhibiting the absorbing ability of the soil. Effluent will have no place to go but to the surface.

Another adverse effect of anaerobic bacteria is corrosive gas that contains high levels of alkali. The alkali works to reduce the strength of the concrete components of a septic system. Eventually, those components will collapse.

Above all, the very reason your septic system requires pumping is anaerobic bacteria does not break down solids as effectively as aerobic bacteria. The waste accumulates faster than the anaerobic bacteria can keep up with it.

The above photo graph was taken 30 days after the installation of the aerator. As you can see, the progress continues. Notice the clarity of the effluent and the uniform bubble pattern. This is evidence of solids being digested in the tank and not being suspended in the effluent going to the drain field. This is important because anaerobic action does not occur in the leach field, building layers of bio-mat which will cause the failure of your septic system. The uniform bubble pattern tells us the effluent is not thick with heavy solids as in the first two photos

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