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Water proofing a basement is not a service Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning is highly knowledgeable of. However, many times, we receive calls for flawed sump pump systems. In understanding the nature of water, mold and radon, Anchor Sewer and Drain cleaning witnesses many dewatering systems that just do not do the job well.

Review the following video, and find the system that best matches what you may have installed in your home. Compare it to The “Safe Basements Water Proofing” system and be objective on the effectiveness of your current system. You may contact “Safe Basements Water Proofing” and inquire of an installer in your area.


Sump pumps are selling out quickly. This years record breaking Boston snow fall accumulated and has melted. The water table is full! Next, we will have spring rain. As the saying goes, April showers brings out May flowers. Another favorite, promising unfavorable weather, “In like a lion. Out like a lamb”.

From what supplies can be found on the shelves at the big box stores, it seems Bostonians have learned from recent years past, to be sure their sump pumps are in working order.

Not having a functional sump pump can be more than just having a wet basement. For many people, it may be the difference between having home owner’s insurance cover damages or you may have to bare the cost on your own.

In April of 2010, many homes in the area of Warwick, Rhode Island and surrounding cities came to understand a loop hole many insurance companies had, regarding insurance coverage. Now, Warwick Mall was under water. There is no way a sump pump would of done anything for them. If your home was in the vicinity of Warwick Mall, there is nothing a sump pump would of physically done for your home. However, many home owners who had sump pumps were able to receive benefits from their insurance policies. While homes not having sump pumps did not have the advantage of having home owner insurance cover damage.

Images in the video above taken from Warwick and surrounding communities during the flood of March – April, 2010

Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning can move your home in the right direction with the installation of a sump pump. Do not let your insurance carrier get a way with not paying to restore damaged property. Have a pump installed to protect your property and your finances. If your home is protected against flood damage, their is not a lot of wiggle room for home owners insurance groups to dodge what is inevitable.

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