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Many homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have galvanized and cast iron sewer and drain lines for their plumbing. This type of plumbing material becomes clogged and facilitates occlusion resulting in a slow drain in branch line fixtures, such as sinks, tubs, showers and laundry discharge lines. No air slows down the flow of grey water in a branch and sewer line. Maintenance use of chemical sewer and drain cleaning utilizing caustic, corrosives should not be a consideration. Instead, implement a maintenance program by cabling (snaking) of all clogged and un – clogged drains. Then, follow up with bacteria.

In part, the clogged sink drain on cast or galvanized pipe is due to not completely closing the spigot end to bell end connections in the fabrication of the sewer and drain system. Unfortunately, this results in plumbing trouble years after installation. A flawed sewer and drain system results in clogged sink drains and other branch line type drainage systems, giving way to sewer and drain cleaning, misuse of chemical drain cleaners , preventive maintenance and some times re-piping the plumbing.

Rotting cast iron drain line

Bell and spigot types of connections always have a seem where water sits, allowing particulate matter to come to rest and rot the plumbing. Eventually a damming effect builds in the sewer line, where more particulate matter comes to rest. The trend mounts until that section of pipe is completely clogged. At this point, a plumber or a sewer and drain cleaning professional should be called. Avoid hazardous chemical drain and sewer cleaners.

Rather than call a plumber or a sewer and drain cleaning technician, people make the mistake of attempting their own efforts to clear a clogged sink line in the form of chemical sewer and drain cleaning. Intentions are good. However, more times than not, sewer cleaning technicians encounter backed up sanitary lines with some form of liquid or gel type chemical sewer and drain cleaner applied to the line, still sitting in the pipe or sink. Not all chemical sewer and drain cleaners are good. Some chemical sewer and drain cleaners have corrosive properties.

At times, a corrosive bottled chemical sewer cleaner will open the clogged bathroom sink or the clogged kitchen sink line and restore flow. If flow to the clogged bathroom sink line is restored with chemical sewer and drain cleaning, it is normally temporary due to the fact the corrosive chemical sewer and drain cleaner is diluted and flushed away from the point of restriction when an opening is created. Therefore, the chemical drain cleaner has not completely cleaned the line.

The cost of chemical sewer and drain cleaning is not easily noticeable. The first assault is on the bacteria in the sewer. What ever healthy bacteria surviving water temperature and harsh drain cleaning agents are still in the sewer is wiped out by the toxic, corrosive sewer and drain cleaners purchased in a bottle.

Over time, with perpetual use of these harsh chemical sewer and drain cleaners, damage becomes noticeable. Eventually, the consumer will see it. Cast iron piping will develop puffy mounds of rust. Literally, this is the moisture and gases pushing through the now, thin porous walls of the cast iron piping.

Drain cleaning is not something just anyone should feel they can accomplish, successfully. The aid of a professional drain cleaner should be enlisted. However, for immediate relief of the waste line, occasionally and temporary at best, sodium hypo-chlorite (chlorine bleach), lye, enzymes and a plunger can be used as a generic cleaner. They may open the clogged kitchen sink or the clogged bathroom sink. The home owner may try using a box of baking soda combined with a bottle of vinegar left over an hour, then enlist the help of a plunger as a cleaner on a bathroom fixture or a kitchen sink to create some flow. However, a plumber or sewer and drain cleaning specialist is usually called to provide a more permanent fix.

The safe approach to sewer and drain cleaning for longevity of a clear bathroom sink line or a free flowing kitchen sink line is to call a sewer and drain cleaning professional to eliminate the blockage. Sewer and drain cleaning professionals can offer suggestions for preventive maintenance as well. However, in severe cases, there are occasions where a plumber must be called to re-pipe the sewer and drain.

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