“I asked Anchor Sewer & Drain Cleaning to come to my home to cut out some weed roots that had worked their way into the sewer line and had previously caused a backup in my basement; I certainly didn’t want that to happen again. While the staff were working to clear the pipe, they discovered what appeared to be mud, that had somehow made its way into the pipe as well. AS&DC suggested I have a video inspection done to investigate further, and I agreed this would give me peace of mind. Once in the pipe with the video camera, AS&DC staff took me through the length of the pipe via a video monitor, to show me not only where they had previously cut out the roots, but also brought my attention to a darker coloring of the pipe’s insides, almost to the top, which suggested there had recently been a backup, and would have shortly thereafter, potentially caused some major problems. Their coming in just weeks prior to cut out the roots was really a blessing in disguise! I highly recommend Anchor Sewer & Drain Cleaning, as they were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and took the time to thoroughly explain what was going on every step of the way.” – Stacey Beaudreau

Sewer Cleaning, Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaner and Drain Cleaner should be cost effective and efficient. Not only that. But, consumers need to be able to trust a service provider.

“We have had an ongoing problem in our office that has cost us thousands between all of the different plumbers we have had. We called Jim, explained the problem and before coming to the office to see for him, he gave us a maximum price guarantee! He personally came to the office because it was an ongoing issue. Once he was finished, he walked me through every aspect of what he did and told me what should be done should our problem happen again. Well it hasn’t happened again and if it does, we know who to call!! Thanks for the great service Jim!!” – Kathy Hall-Trull

“I wish there were more stars I could give James for the work he performed to fix my completely clogged bathtub drain. Immediately upon initiating my search with Home Advisor, James contacted me. I was thrilled when he told me that he could get to my house and work on the problem that afternoon! As promised, James showed up and took care of a very challenging bathroom clog. I have a 100+ year old house and everyone knows older homes (built before 1900) come with their own unique plumbing problems. The job was a messy one and took a lot of perseverance, but James got it done and cleaned everything up. He was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend his services to everyone. I also want to mention that the Home Advisor website recommended James even though I was well outside of his service area. Regardless of the long distance he had to travel, he got there and fixed my problem the same day! I will not hesitate to call James again in the future. Given the circumstances, I feel that his price was more than reasonable. I am a very satisfied customer!” – Jayne Bassett.