Clogged toilets are rarely approached by a plumber wielding a plunger. He uses the next great tool that came along for relieving a toilet blockage….the toilet auger.

Sewer Cleaning, Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaner and Drain Cleaner should be cost effective and efficient. Not only that. But, consumers need to be able to trust a service provider.

Now, the toilet auger may somehow be seen less than we see the plunger, in the hands of a plumber. Thanks to this new toilet repair technology.

The product is available on the Korean market and more than likely can be purchased here. However, if anyone actually does purchase this product, I am very interested to know how well it works.

I’m skeptical as to how it will work on a toilet developed under American Standards. Reason being, if the toilet is filled to the rim with sewage, the Pongtu Plunger is put to the task, pressing the plunger would permit air flow back toward the flush valve.

.This would have the effect of forcing sewer water back into the storage tank. There would then need to be a back flow preventor on the fill valve in order to inhibit contamination of domestic water.

As stated before, Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning wants to be needed, only when all else fails. If the plunger, the toilet auger and….whatever this thing is fails to restore flow to your clogged toilet, give us a call.

Sewer and drain cleaning should be cost effective and efficient. Not only that. But, consumers need to be able to trust a service provider. Therefore, we want to build a relationship with you under our company motto: “Affordable, Efficient and Trustworthy”. We may not of had the opportunity to meet, yet. So, please take the opportunity to visit the “Reviews” tab on this website. All reviews recorded here, on our website have been imported from the actual site they were left on, by the consumer. A hyper – text link is also available under the “Reviews” tab to redirect you to the source from which we imported the review. A clogged drain is frustrating, inconvenient and messy. When you call Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service in Bellingham, MA (as well as Mendon, Wrentham, Foxboro and Franklin, MA) to restore flow to a clogged drain, we do our best leave your home like it never happened.

Our drain and sewer cleaning service administers the use of a jetter, snake and camera in sewer line issues and when needed for a particularly difficult clogged drain. Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning technicians will restore flow to blocked sewer systems, relieve a slow or clogged drain and resolve septic tank issues. Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning service also performs video inspections. We also network with reputable Rhode Island and Massachusetts plumbers for repair services needed while handling your sanitary drainage issues. Our goal is to provide a better standard for drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, septic cleaning, and septic system repair service in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, especially in our local service area of Bellingham, Mendon, Franklin, and Foxboro. Our technicians utilize solid sewer and drain cleaning techniques. Having experienced various types of sewer and drain systems up and down the east coast, our crew has seen many of the sewer and drain systems in use. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, our drain cleaning technicians service large and small businesses as well as apartments and single family homes. We serve the entire area, but especially Bellingham, Franklin, and Mendon.