Pirana can greatly reduce the possibility of having a frozen septic system.

Septic systems are designed with the intent to prevent pollutants from entering the water table. This is achieved by spreading the effluent (liquid sewage) across a section of ground, close to the surface. However, if you live in an area where the ground freezes and the frost line tends to engulf the leaching lines, well, you will have a frozen leach field.

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Pirana systems were originally developed with the goal of creating an aerobic bacteria environment in your septic system. Essentially, your septic system is no longer a “Septic System” when you convert the anaerobic environment to an aerobic environment. Instead, we call your septic system, a “Pirana System”.

Discover how a Pirana System works by visiting our information page entitled, “Septic Remediation”.

In order to support the aerobic bacteria our system multiplies in your tank, air must be pumped in and diffused, or dissolved into a quantity and size which makes it available for the aerobic bacteria. If the air pump is located in a warm area of your home, you will essentially be providing warm air to the Pirana System. As long as the tank is not over flowing and the leach field is perking, there will be an air gap in the leaching lines, the distribution tank and the septic tank. When heated air from your home is pumped into the tank, the effluent becomes warm. Then, the heat is retained in the ‘septic tank’. From the tank, the air will be moved by the positive pressure building in the tank by the air pump. This will greatly decrease the possibility of having a frozen sewer vent, septic tank, outlet side to the distribution box and a frozen leach field.

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