Maintenance for functional septic systems or remediation for failed or failing septic systems.

Replacing a septic system does not have to be the answer to restoration of a failed or failing system. Without the high cost and destructive process of excavating, Anchor Sewer and Drain Cleaning have the means of saving your septic system. This is accomplished by installing one of the various types of Pirana Aerobic Bacterial Generators from Pirana, LLC. Traditionally, septic systems store waste water in a tank (septic tank) where ‘anaerobic’ bacteria slowly digest the solid waste. Because traditional septic systems are powered by anaerobic bacteria, traditional septic systems will fail, given enough time. In some cases, it is 30 – 50 years. In others, less than 15 years before an anaerobic septic system fails. Currently, the national average for the life span of a septic system is 20 years. What causes septic system failure is the same action by which they are intended to work. Anaerobic bacterial action…. An anaerobic bacterium takes a much longer time period to digest waste. The waste is broken down and will find its way to the leach field where it must be consumed by more anaerobic action. This is where the failing system originates. An anaerobic bacterium produces a slime which protects the bacteria. However, this also makes the process of disposing effluent into the earth very difficult, until your leach field becomes very sluggish. One other negative bi-product is “Bio-mat” (biological material). The bio-mat fills the soil, inhibiting the soil from absorbing effluent sent from the septic tank.

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By installing a Pirana Bacteria Generation System, restoration of a failed or failing septic system begins with “aerobic bacteria” (bacteria requiring oxygen). Aerobic bacteria will colonize in the aerated environment we create in the septic tank. Now, the aerobic bacterium consumes the waste in the tank and continues in the effluent in the drain field. In the drain field, or leach field, the aerobic bacteria will feed off of the bio-mat, restoring absorption. There are similar systems available for installation. However, a Pirana brand aerobic bacterial generator uses a special blend of facultative anaerobe. Essentially, a micro-organism that has the ability to switch between the oxygenated state and oxygen depleted environment. When oxygen is available, the anaerobe will strip the oxygen molecule (like taking a breath) and go back to work. In order to produce aerobic bacteria, it must have oxygen and a food source. The food source is easy enough to comprehend in origin. However, oxygen must be supplied. This is really the bulk of the work in converting from ‘anaerobic’ to aerobic. We must pump air in and diffuse the air to provide a supporting, oxygen saturation content for the aerobic bacteria. By installing an airline, diffuser created by Pirana and an air pump, Pirana systems have the ability to sustain and colonize the tank with aerobic bacteria. Aside from facultative bacteria coming from waste, The Pirana unit is packaged with a supply of bacteria to jump start the system. Pirana systems provide several benefits:

  • Alkali concentrations of gas are eliminated. This action saves the concrete components of your system from corrosion.
  • No slimier bio-mat clogging up porous soil.
  • No more foul odors
  • Faster leaching action in the drain field leaves the yard solid and not spongy.
  • Greatly reduce the presence of harmful bacteria, such as E-Coli in the vegetation of your lawn.
  • Prevents septic systems from becoming frozen in the winter.

The Pirana system leaves nothing to chance. About 5% of clients who have purchased this system have not been able to restore their leach field. We work with you to provide success. If your septic system does not respond, we offer a full money back guarantee on the cost of the Pirana unit. (Labor to install is not covered). However, we do require that you work with us, follow our instructions without fail and allow The Pirana System to work without counter action. Once we determine the probability The Pirana System is a good fit for your septic system, we will take a deposit and schedule an installation. Within 6 – 12 hours, the conversion will be completed. You may notice a foul odor in the air as anaerobic bacteria is being offset by aerobic bacteria. After the 6-12 hour period, that odor will go away. Once the odor has gone, the indication is the aerobic environment has been accomplished. Within 30 days, the clarity of the effluent in the tank will be dramatic. Note the photos below.